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We are strategists, technologists and information scientists, empowering leaders to grow profitable enterprises.

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Established by David Owens in 2006, Let’s Operate has grown to become an internationally recognised boutique technology advisory and insight consultancy firm. Our organisation was founded to harness technology and leverage business insight for the betterment of growing enterprises. We strive to make an impact together that is greater than our individual selves. For us, there is no greater purpose that to use our talents and craft to empower others to grow their enterprises with meaning and intent.

We are driven by our ambition to effect great impacts with the people and enterprises we touch. Our calling is to realise your growth potential.

01Ask Great Questions

The actions we take are a direct consequence of what we learn, and to learn we must first question. Let’s Operate is a place of asking powerful questions and seeking out deep truths. We aim to be challenged, shaped, and accountable to the lessons our history has taught us and the future lessons we will learn together by working with you.

02Love Tough

We’re honest, empathetic and exceedingly well mannered, but we also have serious backbone and don’t shy away from disagreeing with you if the data points in a different direction. Respect is forged through a mutual trust in each other’s commitment to do what we will say we will do, when we say we will do it, always.

03Always Be Better

Together, we learn, grow, refine and win. Organisational growth is catalysed by teams, and our desire to always be better lies at the heart of every decision we make, action we take, and lesson we learn. Our intent is to be an indispensable asset to your enterprise over the lifetime of your brand.

David Owens on Culture
There’s a bond between our people that extends beyond the office, and a shared understanding that good enough isn’t good at all … we want to be great. Clients sense this, hear it, see it and ultimately come to depend on it.

Our Skills

Our core purpose is to propel your enterprise toward sustainable growth. Growth which demands that you not only do things right, but that you also do the right things. Our team will help you meet this objective through delivering an empirical rigour, well defined plan of attack and commitment to do whatever it takes.

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Since founding Let’s Operate in 2006, the intervening years have born witness to a turbulent existence for Dublin and Ireland as a whole. Swinging wildly from the unsustainable heights of the Celtic Tiger, to the bruising lows of the longest recession in modern history.

Today, Ireland and Dublin in particular are enjoying a rebirth, demonstrating the highest economic growth rates in Europe. This new energy has become manifest in a powerful start-up culture and a resurgent confidence that we all can and should expand our growth horizons.

We believe in Dublin and are proud to call it home.

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We live, work and play in Dublin, Ireland