What We Do

We harness technology to optimise your current business. We leverage data to drive your future growth.

1Harnessing Technology

Optimising business is all about asking whether you’re “doing things right”. Harnessing technology means seeking out efficiency and performance gaps that exist across key areas within your business, and applying the most appropriate tools to overcome them. We look at 3 key areas:


Business Assurance revolves around the idea that your business should always be able to operate no matter what, safe in the knowledge that your information assets and business reputation are secure and protected – no exceptions. We help you to harness tools such as Citrix Hosted Desktop, SureConnect Managed Devices and Cloud Application Control, to ensure that business interruption is consigned to the history books, and data leak is stopped at source. What’s the key takeaway? Assurance for your business equals assurance for your customers.


The speed with which you can collaborate with other team members, and the richness with which you can communicate with customers, lies at the heart of whether you’re “doing things right”. Working with you to harness tools such as 8×8 Unified Communications, Citrix ShareFile and Podio, we help deliver meaningful cost savings in your current communications spend, and perhaps even more importantly to realise zero-latency collaboration between your team and your customers. What’s the headline message? Strong communications brings your team and your customers closer together.


Technology Heartbeat

A real time service status platform that independently monitors and reports on your business’s entire technology landscape. We know what’s up.

Unified Support

A single group of professionals to support your team across every element of the technology stack your business uses. We know your name.

Project Quarterback

A skilled planning and implementation resource to clinically manage every technology project that touches your business. We make it happen.

Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of Harnessing Technology.

2Leveraging Insights

Delivering business growth is all about asking whether you’re “doing the right things”. Leveraging Insights means uncovering non-obvious understandings about your customers, and taking the appropriate steps to act upon them. We consider 3 core elements:


Most enterprises today suffer from a fragmented data landscape, and fragmented understanding of their customers. This fragmentation is set to grow exponentially as the pace of data generation and scope of data diversity explodes. We create full visibility of your data landscape by constructing a Single Customer View across all data sources that touch your customer. We then enhance this single view by shining a light on your customers’ true sentiment towards your business, using techniques such as Net Promoter System.


Confronted with a growing sea of data, enterprises find themselves overwhelmed by the volume of metrics that it’s possible to create. Its easy to understand then why so many become hooked on a narrow set of ‘vanity’ metrics. Metrics that appear simple to understand, but are heavily bias towards past outcomes. We move beyond the sea of vanity metrics, by constructing an Insight Discovery & Measurement Dashboard for your enterprise. A tool which uncovers and quantifies non-obvious relationships between the behaviour of customers and distils them into Actionable Metrics.


Overwhelmed by vanity metrics, the decision making process in many enterprises becomes stymied by a mix of day-to-day in-action and strategic paralyses.

Execution Plan

We craft an Execution Plan that sets out the specific actions your enterprise needs to take, to act upon discovered insights.

Execution Enablement

Through a mixture of onsite and online consultancy supports, we help realise your execution plan and empower your enterprise to pursue sustainable insight driven growth.

Ready to delve deeper into Leveraging Insights?